Gospel Boxes are a simple, visual, hands-on teaching and training evangelism tool.

Our colored nesting boxes help people of all ages and nationalities share Jesus in a variety of practical settings with the goal of harvesting the multitudes into God’s Kingdom.


Gospel Boxes Ministry is devoted to expanding God’s Kingdom through using the Gospel Boxes as a teaching tool to illustrate the saving grace of Jesus’ work on the cross, and as an evangelistic training tool to equip others to share the Good News of the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Gospel Boxes aid the presenter in bringing a relaxed, confident delivery of the message of Jesus’ work on the cross.  No longer do you need to fear having a perfect delivery as you present the gospel because the Gospel Boxes take the focus off of you.

You’ll be amazed to see the different colors assist in clearly communicating the true Gospel message, while the Holy Spirit stirs the recipient’s heart to recognize their need of a Savior, bringing spiritual light into a dark world and salvation to the lost.

Sharing your faith will become natural, easy, and comfortable, and you’ll quickly experience the fullness of joy that comes with sharing your faith!


The Gospel Boxes consist of 6 different colored boxes and a lid.  The boxes are listed in order of presentation:

BLACK BOX – man’s dark side
RED BOX – the shed blood of Jesus
WHITE BOX – the righteousness of Jesus
GOLD BOX – the promises of God in His Word, the Bible
GREEN BOX – the spiritual growth of believers
PURPLE BOX – the royal family of God
PURPLE LID – the presence of the Holy Spirit